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Zero Sugar, No-Corn | Original Buckwheat (Kuttu Fibre + Moong Protein) Millet Flakes (450g)

Zero Sugar, No-Corn | Original Buckwheat (Kuttu Fibre + Moong Protein) Millet Flakes

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Crunchy Original Buckwheat (Kuttu + Moong Dal) Flakes

Replace your typical breakfast cereal and and kickstart your mornings with our crunchy, easy to love, no-corn vanilla flakes with the goodness of buckwheat, loaded with fibre and rich in plant protein.

Why choose Original Buckwheat flakes?

  • 2.9x protein and 3.5x fibre in comparison to other whole wheat/corn flakes
  • 16% less carbs and 96% less sugar in comparison to other whole wheat/corn flakes
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • Supergrains such as millets naturally improve how your body draws nourishment from food-making you feel fitter, lighter, and more energetic. It is great for better gut health & to regulate blood sugar.
  • Millets are sustainable grains that need less water to grow than rice or wheat and grow without any chemicals pesticides or fertilisers.
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Vanilla Buckwheat Millet Flakes


How to Cook: Add hot or cold milk to our buckwheat millet flakes You can also have this with fresh yogurt Mix fresh berries or nuts as per your choice
  • Our products use 100% whole grain which includes the husk and bran therefore it's minimally processed.

    100% whole grain

  • We empower small farmers and help build a sustainable community by encouraging the use of indigenous crops.

    Ethically Sourced

  • Millé creates easy, versatile ways for us to make our own delicious food. At the helm of it our products are super tasty!

    Super Delicious

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Good for the planet

Millets need far less water than rice or wheat, and grow without any chemical fertilizers and chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Divya Chadha
Bought on sale but smells stale!

Love the breakfast flakes and bought 2 boxes on sale but they are very old and smelling stale now. Unable to consume ☹️

Sunny Kumar

Zero Sugar, No-Corn | Original Buckwheat (Kuttu Fibre + Moong Protein) Millet Flakes

Peeyush kumar Singh
New beginning of millets in daily life

Wonderful to eat a neatly packed millets by the company. Received the package in very good condition and all four items has very long self life. Kudos to the team. Keep it up...

Kalpita b

Lil expensive

Great new product in the market.

I’ve been using Mille Original Flakes for a few months now. I love the product. It is my go-to breakfast cereal.

I also use these Flakes like overnight oats. I soak them overnight and make a smoothie with it the next morning. Excellent way to add good carbs and protein to my smoothies.