Millets don’t need a lot water to grow, nor any pesticides or fertilisers. This has a direct impact on the soil, the ecology and finally, the food we eat. Millé connects us to the unrefined, unadulterated source of our food, the people who grow it, and the planet we live on.


We empower small farmers and help build a sustainable community by encouraging the use of indigenous crops. Ingredients like Millets need a third of the water required to grow rice. They are hardy grains that can withstand long periods of drought, and they require little pesticides or fertilizers to thrive. This makes them inherently organic in nature and therefore, a sustainable crop for the farmer and his/her land.

Our constant endeavor is to practice ethical sourcing of our grains, which means eliminating middlemen and sourcing straight from farmer cooperatives. As a result, the farmer gets his/her fair share value and the product is clean.


Sustainable practice to save the planet is something we wholeheartedly believe in. Our ongoing practice of being plastic neutral, carbon neutral and climate friendly is a cause we want to champion.

We invest in the circular economy and waste management companies that recycle the same amount of plastic we use in a year. Making our net plastic footprint zero. Similarly, we calculate our consumers’ carbon footprint per product purchased and give them the option to offset the same. Millets are naturally climate-friendly grains and require less water to grow making it a sustainable option for the planet.


At Wholsum Foods our constant endeavor is to reduce our carbon footprint and we have tied up with the amazing people at climes to neutralize this. With every purchase our consumers have the opportunity to contribute via climes to neutralize their carbon footprint.

In addition to that, as a food company we take great pride in healthy food for all therefore, 1% of every Wholsum Foods purchase goes to #FeedOurChildren campaign.

Good for the planet

Millets needs far less water than rice or wheat, and grow without any chemical fertilizers and chemicals.