Can switching regular grains with supergrains change the way you feel? We think it’s a good place to start. 

Food is such a fundamental part of our lives; it isn’t just to satisfy hunger but an integral part when expressing emotion. Whether it is a celebration or just a bad day in the week, what uplifts that moment is the food you want to eat, it’s the comfort and happiness you get, it’s the love that you need.

For a generation that has a healthy relationship with food, is conscious of what they eat and are actively looking for ways to adopt a fitter and happier lifestyle while not compromising on flavour and taste – Mille is EASY TO LOVE.

What if we say gluten-free deliciousness is an option? What if we say that you can replace rice with something very similar and reduce your carbs and calorie count, increase your protein & fibre intake, and feel healthier? What if we say all of this is possible with Mille?

Well, here is the what and how of what we do.

At Mille, we make delicious products using supergrains (like millets, lentils and legumes) that are gluten-free, high-protein, fibre-rich, and inherently climate-smart.

We use 100% whole grain therefore, our products are clean, minimally processed, and super healthy.

Our products make it easy to bring nutrient-rich, plant-based foods into your life without compromising on taste.

We’ve made sure - so you don’t have to! - that with every bite, you’re doing good for yourself without any compromises.


  • Meghana is passionate about children's nutrition and health. She is committed to make a positive change to childhood malnutrition statictics. Her efforts to feed her daughter healthy, tasty food is what led her to starting this venture. Before starting Slurrp Farm, Meghana led the Public Health practise at McKinsey & Company. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA in Computation as a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford University and a BE with Distinction.

    Meghana Narayan

  • Shauravi's passion is to get her own children to gobble up all the exciting and healthy food she makes. She loves food, eating it and making it! Shauravi brings over a decade of finance experience. She worked in the Consumer, Healthcare, and Retail Advisory team and the Leveraged Finance team at J.P.Morgan. She was an Investment Manager at Sir Richard Branson's Group Holding entity at the Virgin Group in London. She holds a Master's degree in Economics from Cambridge.

    Shauravi Malik

  • Umang is the creative brain and Brand Director of Slurrp Farm. With over 15 years of experience in photography, graphic design, and video art, Umang has given Slurrp Farm its distinctive identity and brand language. Through the course of his creative career he has done projects for several large multinational clients like ITC, IDEO (USA and Singapore), UNDP, and NGO's like Childline. He has received his formal training in the field of visual arts from the Srishti School of Art, Design.

    Umang Bhattacharyya

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