Our passion for food resulted in better-for-you products. A range of delicious value-add products that are free from chemicals, naturally gluten free, vegan friendly, non gmo, minimally processed and has multitudes of health benefits.

For us, the back of the pack matters as much as the taste. We want to make better choices more easily; for ourselves and our families


Millets are known to be heavier grains primarily for consumption in the winter months, but that is far from the truth. Millets are all year grains that is easy to grow, easy to cook and easy to love!

Our products use 100% whole grain, which means that every part of the grain from husk to bran is used. As a result, it has high fibre content and minimal processing of the grain. A clean and healthy option for the centre of your plate.

Millets as a grain are supergrains for its multiple health benefits

Jowar, Bajra, Kangani, Kutki and Amaramth are just a few types of millet grains that are super high in plant protein, gluten-free and low on carbohydrates when compared to other grains such as wheat and rice

If you replace rice or wheat twice a week in your meals with Mille Millets, we assure that you’d feel lighter, fitter and more energetic – a better version of yourself.