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Mille All Grains Combo (Rice Substitute) - Pack of 4 (1800g)

Mille All Grains Combo (Rice Substitute) - Pack of 4

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If you are someone who is looking to add supergrains to your diet, look no further! Try our Millet All Grains Combo which includes - foxtail millet, barnyard millet, kodo millet and little millet whole grains. Goodness of millets with lentils and legumes with high plant protein and fibre, both grains are gluten-free and have low-glycemic index, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to add more whole grains to their diet.

Replace them with rice in your dal chawal, biryani, pulao or use them as a side dish, in salads, as a base for your favourite stir-fry or try them in a new recipe. Our Millet All Grains Combo is the perfect way to enjoy the delicious and nutritious benefits of millets. Order now!

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  • Our products use 100% whole grain which includes the husk and bran therefore it's minimally processed.

    100% whole grain

  • We empower small farmers and help build a sustainable community by encouraging the use of indigenous crops.

    Ethically Sourced

  • Millé creates easy, versatile ways for us to make our own delicious food. At the helm of it our products are super tasty!

    Super Delicious

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Good for the planet

Millets need far less water than rice or wheat, and grow without any chemical fertilizers and chemicals.