6 Different Types Of Khichdi Recipe For Babies

6 Different Types Of Khichdi Recipe For Babies

Khichdi is made in different ways across India. In a few places, it’s made like porridge, while at other places it’s served like pulao. Also, a variety of lentils can be used in khichdi recipe preparation. The most common being moong dal. It’s actually one of the most loved and recommended daal-type from our list of lentils. Easy on our stomachs and mushy texture for the little tummies. 

Khichdi is generally assumed to be bland and boring, but I think differently. However, I make it whenever we want to eat something light and homemade. Moong dal khichdi is given to babies as their first food. It can be appetizing, can also be spiced up and served with an assortment of condiments. The same khichdi can be a go-to food for a sick person during his/her recovery. While making moong dal khichdi for babies you can afford to play with the texture. Mash it and add a few veggies if serving it to the toddler.

Moong Dal Khichdi recipe is prepared using just a handful of ingredients and in no time you can resort to this dish whenever you do not feel like cooking an elaborate spread. This delicious moong dal khichdi for babies is perfect for a weekend to unwind the whole week’s stress. Take a break from the routine meals and prepare this light dish that tastes great and is wonderful for health as well.

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